Optimize Your Job Hunting

Your CV wowed the employer, the interview was a bed of roses and you were certain that the final handshake was a warm welcome to the team, so why are you, four weeks later, still dangling with no signs of a job offer in sight? 

Optimize Your Job Hunting

You may well be guilty of one or more of the top ten reasons jobseekers fail to get hired.   Perhaps you failed to send a thank you letter or follow up with an email or phone call reiterating your interest in the position and your suitability for the role.  Perhaps your interviews did not go as well as you thought and you were guilty of one or more of the most common interview mistakes. 

Remember that enthusiasm and willingness to learn often counts as much as, if not more than, skills and experience, especially for entry to mid level jobs so dont turn cold and passive once out of the employer’s interview room.  In a bayt.com employer poll, asked what they valued most in a potential candidate, over 44% of polled employers cited enthusisasm and willingness to learn as a candidate’s most valuable trait, compared to 26% citing relevant experience and education and 22% citing being a team player as a jobseeker’s most valuable asset. 

Take the time to sit back, introspect, analyze your job search strategy and hone in on what you could have done better and where you may have gone wrong.  It helps to do this after every interview to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  It also helps to get an expert to look at your CV if you are not even making it to the interview stage with any employers – the professionals at Bayt.com CV services can do this for you and position your skills and expertise in the most positive and favourable light.

Whatever the reasons that may have stumbled you on your job search don’t get disillusioned!  Read up on job search skills, brush up your CV and remember to maintain a positive mindframe throughout your search.  Your dream job may be just a CV away!